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The guidebook to a site "ecorus": ecotourism; Ecology of the person; Ecoland; Ecohelth; National creativity; Ecodesign; Children's creativity; Entertainments; acquaintance; ecoprotection
A good way to relax for one who has a wish to escape from civilization and plunge into wild life Russian Province invites! Ecovillage "Rodniki".
We Offer the winter rest! - Volga; Shepsi; winter rest and education or treatment - school of Bronnikov; winter rest and study - dolimens; russian aviasalons

In section "ecology of the person" you will find the information on a unique method of harmonization of functions of an organism of academician V.M.Bronnikov

V.M.Bronnikov's method

The farm of Fadjukov Victor Mihajlovich represents "The Paradise garden": Malines is larger than tomatoes - a berry up to 23 grammes! It is possible to order seedling raspberries, currants, column-apple-tree, cherries, a cherry plum, plums, gimolost, a gooseberry etc. Write:

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Dear favourite friends, comrades, ladies, sirs, madams, etc... Arrange a holiday to itself, neighbours, friends, colleagues!

Gingerbreads - kozyli

By anniversaries, to birthdays, to wedding, to holidays and it is simple so - national tasty, beautiful northern gingerbreads - kozyli. It is possible to order gingerbreads with a trade mark of the company, with a congratulatory inscription, with names. A period of storage - 1 year thus all natural: preservatives - cinnamon and a carnation, dyes - food for a pie. For the VIP of clients - gingerbreads on cedar oil (have curative properties).

Monkey, made by children's hands.

Children's creativity

These works can be bought in pavilions of a museum - manor "Kolomna" in Moscow. We offer tutoring for children from 4 years. And also we offer individual employment in small groups and individually for children and adults on the following directions: hlebosol, beresta, woodcarving.

The site is devoted to ecology of the person and his environment of live, to ecodesign, to ecovillages, to products from natural materials, to national creativity and much to another.

I invite to cooperation of all interested persons. Write:

About the project.

The basic idea of a site - to create a style on ecological consumption. The majority of people aspire to live maximum comfortably thus not being sick, spending as small as possible efforts and remaining happy. In each section and subitem you will find the information which to you will help to move with this direction.


The academy of Development of Patrimonial Estates together with the Moscow Academy state and municipal managements (MAGMA) runs courses of additional education.

Seminars on Slavic Traditional Culture devoted to Sun Celebration
in the Big Stone ecovillage.

Ecovillage Grishino 2006 Summer Program

We Search for the participant for our expedition! For the first time from Moscow starts scientifically-ecological expedition on study of the possibilities of the opening the abilities of the person.

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Stucco moulding

In section " Children's creativity " you will find article about how independently to make toys of " the salty test".


The list of articles placed on a site: "Cheerful toys from... the test"; "V.M.Bronnikov's Method"; "The Hymn to a raspberry"; "Column-apple-tree"; "the Elixir of youth"


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